Reprint of a portion of a review of Canton Karat Speakers in
Secrets: Volume 9, Number 1, 2002, written by John E. Johnson, Jr.

“We get lots of CDs to review, and one in particular is a recent recording of Yuko Maruyama on the new Shigeru VII Grand Piano, introduced by Shigeru Kawai Piano Company. This is the premiere recording of the new piano ("In Tone Nation", Yuko Maruyama, Zephyr - It is a jazz album, with an easy listening style.

What captivated me about this album is the clarity of the recording. There did not seem to be any compression that ruins so many other CDs. With the Karats, I could place each instrument perfectly, including the piano, bass, drums, and saxophone across the soundstage. Maybe it was because the piano itself is a spectacular new product of Kawai, but in any case, someone spent a lot of time making this recording, and it is now part of my reference set, especially since the musicians are marvelous. Interestingly, it is an AAD recording made in 2001. In other words, it was recorded in analog, mixed in analog, and released as digital.”

The Making of Yuko Maruyama’s
In Tone Nation

By Geoff Gillette, Recording Engineer

I was very excited when the producer of Zephyr Media Group, called to invite me to engineer a Jazz recording project called In Tone Nation for a very talented young female artist from Tokyo named Yuko Maruyama. This project would also be the premiere recording of the new flagship SHIGERU KAWAI piano for both stereo CD and DVD Audio, 5.1 surround.

We decided to cut the tracks at my favorite recording studio, Entourage, in the North Hollywood arts district. We selected Entourage because, apart from it having a really nice sounding room, there is a nifty Neve Melbourne console that sounds great… and, of course, you can’t beat a Studer A827 24-track tape machine. I love that analog! (It also happens to be 3 minutes from my house and in LA that counts!)

The Piano

What a pleasant surprise it was when I walked into the studio on the first day and laid my eyes on this gorgeous, brand new, SHIGERU KAWAI piano, just sitting there right in the middle of the room. 

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